4 Social Media Platforms to Help Your Business


Social media can boost your business in many ways; the use of social media helps convey your business across to thousands of people and gives a great exposure to it. There are many different forms of social media; these all help boost your business in unique ways to the social media platform. In this article, we will discuss the top 4 social media platforms at the moment that can boost the profile of your business and get you seen by more people.

  • Tiktok

Everybody has heard of the Tiktok hype, which is taking over social media at the moment. With TikTok music plays basically dominating the music charts, this app has a lot of influence.

Creating a business account and getting creators on board is a great way to expand the exposure of your business. If you can create a series of short, engaging videos and market them correctly so they go viral, this isn’t difficult on this platform, then you can link it directly to your website, creating great exposure.

Tiktok videos can drive a lot of traffic to your website, so watching business videos will inspire you and teach you how to make them. Getting a good idea of the competition out there is excellent, as is learning the use of correct and appropriate hashtags to drive more traffic is ideal.

  • Instagram

Instagram is a great social platform that can drive traffic to your business. It is a relatively simple platform as the whole platform is based upon imagery. If you can create relevant but bespoke images, then you can easily drive traffic to your website. Instagram is a great way to capture people’s interest by uploading custom photos that capture people’s attention scrolling through. 

  • Facebook

Facebook is a great platform to use to try to grow your business, it now has the option to sell online through Facebook, or you can simply direct traffic straight to your website. Facebook has the option to create a business page in which you can interact with followers and create content that they will then share with their online friends. Facebook is more geared towards various ages than Tiktok, which tends to target under 30’s. 

  • Twitter

Twitter is an excellent way to grow your business; it is easy to find people to follow that are in the relevant field by searching hashtags and following people that post these hashtags. You can then build up a repour and post easily shareable content. You can, at the bottom of your short snappy tweets, post a link that takes the reader directly to your website.

It is important to use forms of social media that will boost the traffic to your website and encourage readers and viewers to interact and want to buy your products. For this, you must consistently create high-quality content that will grab people’s attention and sell your product.

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