Connecting With Your Customers as a Small Entrepreneur


It is important as an Entrepreneur to connect with your customers as they are ultimately the ones who will propel your business upwards.

Connecting with your customers is important as it helps keep a steady relationship with them and ideally repeat custom. Customers like to feel appreciated and as though their custom is valued. This repour is important to maintain throughout your working relationship, especially when you are first starting.

When you are first starting, your knowledge of customers is minimal. As you build up a clientele, you can start to work out information about your customers and start to compile statistics that help you to understand your demographics better.

You can work out the average age of your customer and strategize to target your marketing towards them, and look at marketing strategies to get other demographics interested.

Posting on social media is great, but it is almost pointless if you don’t use it to engage with customers. Customers like to feel important, and by interacting with them on social media, you can form a working relationship with them.

By posting on social media mediums, you can then look at your posts and the virality and analyze your feedback. You can work out what sells well and what doesn’t; this equips you with the tools you need as you now know what you have to work on to increase sales.

The analytics provided by social media is great as it tells you a lot of information, but social media’s real benefit is advertising. With advertising enabling you to set a daily budget, you can easily start advertising and take advantage of its tools, so you don’t overspend.

Social media advertising is very clever as it caters to adverts to individuals being particular to who is shown what advert using clever algorithms and cookies to know what people have searched for and therefore shows them these items in advert form. This often grabs the customer’s attention as they have a clear interest in the topic as they have been searching for it. This can drive more traffic to your website and ultimately result in more sales. The people purchasing your products are usually searching for them already, which is a benefit of connecting with customers.

Customers can give great feedback on products, so it is important to connect with customers, encouraging them to leave feedback for you; whilst this is great, you utilize this and take feedback on board and don’t simply ignore it.

Connecting with customers will make them remember you; many people buy many different products from a lot of different places, so you need to stand out from the crowd and be remembered.

This is beneficial as it will result in repeat customers, but it can also result in them recommending you to a friend, which is great!

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