How To Get A Business Idea Out Of Your Head


It’s great when you suddenly find yourself with a great business idea in your head, but the problem is, how do we get it out of our heads and into a realistic plan we can use to start up our businesses now? Does this sound familiar? Maybe it’s time to read these steps and start your adventure.

  1. Determining the reason and audience

Now you’ve thought of your business plan, you must first consider why I want to start this business? Figuring out why you’re starting a business is the first step. Is the sole purpose of making things, selling things, and your purpose?

Once you have figured this out, the next step is determining who your target audience for this business project will be.

  • Research

Your next step is to research whether a business model is already providing the service you want to offer. If there is, then you must look at why your business is any different from theirs. Why is your business going to be better?

It can be easy to merge into a web of similar businesses all performing mediocrely, but you need to have something different and fresh that these other businesses don’t have.

  • Customers

The next step is to start connecting with potential customers. It would help if you found out whether they would buy your services or products. This gives you an inkling as to whether or not your business will be successful. Customers are the best people to give feedback; people around you might say they like your business’s model, but ultimately, they won’t be the ones buying it, so they aren’t as important. You need to know your audience, so you know how to sell them your produce/services.

  • Finetuning

Next, you must finetune the details of your business model; you have all of the knowledge you need to start your company up. You need to focus on the smaller details and how you will make this dream a reality. It’s time to find out the price of your business model and work out what your business will cost you. It’s well worth getting quotes from potential website designers, lenders, premises, and staffing costs if you’re having any. It’s also important to consider the cost of utilities for premises as this cost often goes unnoticed.

  • How

Once you have figured out your costings and the practical aspects of this business, you need to work out how you will start your business. Now you have spoken to investors and lenders, it’s time actually to start your business.

You are equipped with all the knowledge you need to start your business now, so get yourself out there, start that Kickstarter, Crowdfunder or get that loan and put your business model into practice now.  Make sure you take note of any expenditures and never merge your personal and financial finances, as this can end up tricky later down the line!

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