Staying Positive All the Time – How I do That


Everyone has bad times. On your success journey, staying positive helps greatly in achieving something big.
If you are currently in a situation you are not feeling too good about yourself, not happy, a little bit negative,
know that you are not in this alone.

There are times I wake up and does not feel like stepping out of bed. Everything around seems to be stagnant.  Nothing seems to be moving on.
Life throws at you all sort of things that can confide you to your room for days. It is OK to feel that way occassionally. It is only not OK when you decide to stay there forever. I pride myself on my ability to stay positive all the time regardless of what is going on around me.

I have come to realize that negativity does not help in any way. It can ruin you and destroy whatever goal you are aimed at achieving.
In other to stay on track, when things go rough just see it as one of those things that comes and go. Stay positive in that rough situation and you will succeed.

Train yourself through self-affirmations. Affirmation is made up of words stimulating with authority, conviction and faith. Repeat them every time to help you stay positive at all time.  This helps reprogram your subconscious with positive thinking.  Every time you tell yourself you will succeed, you set your mind on thinking about succeeding. Once your mind is set on succeeding then you are closer to achieving it.
Affirmations help to keep you positive.

Also pretending to be positive can actually help you stay positive.  No harm in faking it. Fake it even if that will make u stay positive always. Fake it until you make it.

Program your mind that you have no time for negative thinking. The moment negativity sets in, allow your programmed mind to act on pushing it out.

Surround yourself with positive people who will make you feel positive all the time. This can be people you don’t really know. Support groups with like minded people can help you stay positive. I have created one where we empower and inspire ourselves to succeed. You can join us here   to surround yourself to people who can help keep you positive.

In life you get a lot of no’s and a lot of closed doors, keep knocking until someone lets you in. You also fall many times, keep rising until your legs are strong enough to stand firm.

Positive thinking……..

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  1. Kelvin 6 years ago

    Great! The power of positive thinking

  2. Maud 6 years ago

    Inspiration…. positive thinking.

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