The past 3 months have probably been the busiest months for me yet the happiest.  I missed sharing with you all on this platform but I have had so much happening to me making it hard lately to write as well as making time for my little princess. My husband and I welcomed our precious bundle of joy ( Eleanor) in May. The joy that came with it can never be described.  It also came with much more responsibilities, that is having a little one who is dependent on you. I am not complaining because they are all great blessings my family and I are experiencing. Eleanor is our first child.

The stress of working, taking care of my baby, staying up at night to feed her and many others has been a bit challenging nevertheless I am really enjoying motherhood. Eleanor has given me another reason to make things happen. I’m motivated to do more with her presence in my life. But then again how do I combine this new me with my already busy me?

Time to plan and have a balanced working mum life.

I hope to share how am planning to do all these in my next article. Do share with me how you are also combining motherhood and business. (self-employed or working for someone). Will love to read them all.


Eleanor’s mum

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